Reminders & key information:

This edition’s reminders:


Tuesday Beavers are meeting at the Scout Hut at their normal time, please.

Wednesday Beavers are meeting at the Scout Hut before walking up to Cycle Penistone. Drop off and collection at the normal time, please.

Friday Beavers are meeting at their normal time and place, please.

Back to Basics Camp – Our Beaver camp takes place next weekend. The dedicated event page is here. If you’ve any issues, please contact Amy.


Alegre pack are meeting at the Scout Hut at their normal time, please.

Bella Vista pack are meeting at the Scout Hut at their normal time, please.

Raptors pack are learning first aid this week. Please meet at the school at the normal time.


Enigma troop are at laser tag this week. Please make sure you bring with you a completed consent form. The dedicated event page is here. It’s 18:45 to 21:00 at Aventure Wood, Tankersley.

Wibbles – (UPDATED 11/06) Wednesday Scouts are at laser tag this week. The evening is priced at £10 and will be between 18:45 and 21:00 at Adventure Wood, Tankersley. The dedicated event page is here. You’ll need to print off and complete a consent form to bring with you on the evening.

Viernes don’t have a meeting this week. Instead, those who’ve booked on are having a one-night camp at Silverwood. Full details on our dedicated page.

Black Country (Summer camp) – The final monies for our summer camp to the Black Country are due by the 15th June. Places are now fixed and the full balance is now owed. Please contact your section leader if you are unaware of how much you’ve left to pay for your scout.


(UPDATED 11/06) Explorers are meeting at Scout Dyke @ 20:00. They’ll be walking back to Penistone so please come suitably dressed. Collection from the Scout Hut at 21:30. They’ll be calling in at the chip shop on the way, so if they want to buy something, please make sure they bring some money with them.


Scouttastic – monies for Scouttastic now overdue and need to please be paid to your Section Leaders.

Jamboree bag pack – Our jamboree scouts and explorers will be at Tesco Penistone this Saturday, packing bags to raise money towards the cost of their trip.

With the reminders out of the way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Penistone Gala

What a weekend! Right from Friday night’s comedy, through the X-Run and the family music festival, then into the Mayor’s parade and Gala. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the Gala, baked for the group refreshment tent, moved kit, manned the gates and fun zone. Everyone who has helped will have in some way contributed to brilliant community weekend and helped raised funds for the group.

New food challenge

Raptors cooked on fires at the Scout Hut; this was part of their personal challenge badge work – cubs were cooking and trying foods they hadn’t previously eaten with mixed responses!

Enigma Rugby experience

Our Enigma Scouts went to Wortley Rugby Club, learning a variety of skills and making the most of the late spring weather.

Beavers meet Woodhead Mountain Rescue

All three beaver colonies had a joint meeting this week. Huge thanks to Tom Vickers of the Woodhead Mountain Rescue.

Viernes visit Penistone Fire Station

When the first set of twenty scouts from our Friday troop went to visit Penistone Fire Station, the firefighters had been called out. This week, we managed to get back to the fire station and had a fabulous time learning fire safety before a guided tour of the fire engine / some hose work. Thank you again, Penistone Fire Station team!

Wibbles team-work and creative problem solving

Wibbles scouts had a team working evening tonight whilst also being creative. They were tasked with building a useful camp gadget. Some good team skills although most of the creations wouldn’t have lasted in a slight breeze!

And that’s a wrap for this edition. Apologies for getting it out on Monday rather than Sunday – we were all quite busy over the weekend with the Gala!