About Rob Robinson

Group Scout Leader and part of South Yorkshire County Media & Comms team. Outside of Scouting, I'm a technology meddler, an Enterprise Architect, a mental health advocate, I'm married and a father of two.

Beaver Pirate Camp – The last 24 hours

On Sunday morning, we met Paul by the dock who took us all on a walking tour of the bay, exploring cobbled streets, hidden passages and long thin alleyways, telling stories of smugglers, the olden days of the town and…

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Elf Academy – Sunday morning

Early this morning the Beavers were up and ready to find out whether Santa had been to visit. After searching the main hall and Beaver lodge, we began to wonder whether the Beavers had moved on to the Naughty List!…

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Elf Academy – Christmas Dinner

Whilst the Beavers were at the cinema, the naughty elves that were left behind prepared the Scout Hut in readiness for Christmas Dinner. Fabulous food, additional party wear and a loud dinner before some quiet(er) time before bedtime. As I…

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Elf Academy – Saturday daytime

What a packed day we’ve had so far! After Santa told us he wasn’t going to be able to come to speak to us in person, we split into smaller groups and enjoyed a variety of activities Santa’s Elf helpers…

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