Every 4 years the World Scout Jamboree takes place. Since the WSJ in 2007 in the UK, where we celebrated 100 years of scouting, to the WSJ in 2011 in the USA we have had a good number of delegates from Penistone. The next jamboree will be in 2023 and will be located in South Korea. If you were born between 22 July 2005 and 31 July 2009, you are eligible to apply for a place on the jamboree. To apply visit SYscouts.org.uk/wsj-contingent/ and complete the form. If you are younger than the eligible dates of birth then the WSJ in Poland in 2027 may be for you.

To give you an example of what a jamboree is like; in 2011 the Swedish WSJ site became the 4th largest town in Sweden for the duration of the event; there will be 40,000 scouts attending in South Korea, scouts from nearly every country in the world, and you will have the opportunity of meeting them and working with them.

The site in the USA in 2019

The young people are allocated to contingents of 36 explorer scouts with 4 adults,, our Contingent are more than just travel buddies, they are planners, fundraisers, motivators and mentors. You have got a lot to achieve in a short time but we are sure you will leap at the challenge as we… Think Big. Dream Wild. Act Together.  

We don’t just dream. We act. 

We dream about a sustainable world, where everyone’s welcome. But we’re not just about dreaming, Scouts want to see action too. Our UK Contingent won’t silently creep round global issues, we’ll be trailblazers for getting young voices heard… You’re gonna hear us roar.  

We know that dreams come true when we work together.

We are looking for young people that will get the best from the experience, we are striving to be the most inclusive UK Contingent to attend a WSJ; there should be no unnecessary barriers to anyone becoming part of it. If you need help completing you’re application then please ask for assistance, all requests will be treated with respect and confidence.

Attending the jamboree Is likely to cost between £3,800 and £4,500 (the exact figure will be set in November). We expect participants to fundraise and there are hardship funds that can be made available for up to 50% depending on circumstances.

The closing date for applications Is 31 October, then applications will be shortlisted and those shortlisted will be invited to attend a selection event where the final members will be selected. Penistone has a history of sending many young people; could you be part of the next contingent?