Become a volunteer


Volunteering goes both ways

It’s good for them, and it’s #GoodForYou

We all want young people to have the chance to dream big, give it a go, and build skills for life.

But it’s not just the young people who benefit from Scouts.

Volunteering is good for boosting your wellbeing, developing CV-friendly skills, making friends and building memories.

Whether you want to support young people or if you’re more comfortable planning an adventure from the sidelines, we’ve got space for you.

Don’t have much spare time?

Well you’re just what we need – Busy people – after all, who would want someone that never does anything!

Seriously, though, you don’t have to volunteer every week and whether you can offer to come every month, or work behind the scenes, we’ll be grateful for whatever you give to Scouting.

Here are some of the opportunities for you!

There is a whole range of different volunteering opportunities available to you through Scouting. For example:

  • Leaders to work with young people at weekly meetings – especially with our Cubs on Thursdays and Scouts on a Friday
  • Managers to lead and support teams of adults to deliver Scouting
  • Trustees to make sure property and resources are properly administered
  • Instructors to run a huge range of adventurous activities
  • Media and communications people to promote Scouting and improve our communication
  • Administrators to make sure policies and procedures are followed correctly
  • Training Managers to co-ordinate our comprehensive adult training programme.

Fill in our simple form to start your volunteering journey, or give us a call on 01226 610350 and speak to Shauna, Laura or Rob