Our people

Meet the team

As a volunteer organisation people are with us for varying periods of time.

Rather than list every adult volunteer, we’d like to introduce you those you’re most likely to encounter in your day to day Scouting.

Senior Leadership Team

Group Scout Leader

Amy Richardson – is our Group Scout Leader and has overall responsibility for the Group. She approves all activities. It is her role to ensure the group runs effectively and that Scouting develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association so that young people can benefit from good quality scouting.

Assistant Group Scout Leader

Louis le Roux and Stuart Walne are our Deputy Group Scout Leaders and support Amy in her role whilst acting as her delegate.

Adult Leaders

Squirrel Team

Mandy Smith – is the Section Leader of the Squirrel Drey (Squirrels). She is supported by Harriet Duffey, Adam Huckle, James Mills, Laura Clapham, Emma King and Keli. Staton

Beaver Team

Paul Smith – is the Section Leader of Tuesday Beavers (Castor colony), Leanne Sunter – is the Section Leader of our Thursday Beavers (Millstones colony), they work with the other volunteers to plan, run and lead our Beaver programme and events.

Cub Team

Sharon Chan – is the Section Leader of Tuesday Cubs (Alegre pack), We have a volunteer gap for Section Leader of our Thursday Cubs (Bella Vista pack), so Shauna and Louis currently work with Sharon and the other volunteers to plan, run and lead our Cub programme and events.

Scout Team

Jim Dawson – is the Section Leader of Monday Scouts (Enigma troop), He’s supported by Nicky Shaw, Harriet Duffey and Alison Lee as the Assistant Section Leaders.

Richard Punshon – is the Section Leader of Friday Scouts (Viernes troop). He’s supported by Richard North and Natalie Bagshaw.

Explorers, Young Leaders and Network

Explorers are a District provision, and whilst the unit “Scorpions” has a partnership agreement with Penistone Scouts, they are part of Barnsley Explorers.

Young Leaders are attached to Barnsley Explorers, and join the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to support the programme, events and develop their leadership skills.

Network is also a District provision provided to bridge the gap between 18-25.

Executive Committee (Charity Trustees)

Group Chair

Laura Simpson – is our Group Chair. Having been an Assistant Group Scout Leader and Beaver leader previously, she’s responsible to leading and steering our trustees in their supportive goals and aims.

Group Secretary

Jonathan Westwood – is our Group Secretary. He’s also hot on compliance and data.

Group Treasurer

Edwin Burkinshaw – is our Group Treasurer and is responsible for leading the group’s financials.

Membership Secretary

Janet Worthington – is primarily responsible for our joining list. She coordinates accepting applications, placing young people and supporting the movement of young people between sections.

Facilities Management

Wallace Morley – is responsible for our premises. She works with third parties on maintenance, coordinates members of our Falcons Active Support Unit and keeps the building safe.

Other trustees

Harriet Duffey and Richard Punshon are also members of the Executive Committee and Trustees of the Charity. They are equally as important, but aren’t in named roles.

Shauna and Louis, as the Group Scout Leader team are also trustees of the charity.

Vacancy for a Youth Member of the Executive Committee.