Securing your child’s place at Penistone Scouts

You’ll probably have landed here following receipt of an email asking you to confirm if your young person wishes to continue Scouting. We wouldn’t ordinarily ask this, but 2020 has been an exceptional year and as we move into 2021, we need to make some key financial decisions imminently. (For a copy of the letter, please see here)

Please use the following form to let us know if your young person will be continuing Scouting at Penistone in 2021. You will need to complete it once per young person, so if you’ve five young people in your household who Scout, you’ll need to do it five times, please.

Scorpion Explorers should also please complete this form given the group will be responsible for paying their membership fee to National HQ in 2021. For those young people, the continue / dis-continue information will be shared with Barnsley Scouts’ District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Alison Lamb.

Check below the form if you’ve any questions – we might have answered it already.

How do I update my child’s personal records?

Head here and log into Online Scout Manager (OSM). It’s where you go to sign up for events etc.

Online payments of subs?

In case you missed it, we wrote about this in December. Take a look here.

Census questionnaire and Gift Aid?

These were emailed in December, from Online Scout Manager, and are unique per young person. If you are unable to find the emails, please check your junk / spam folder. If you still can’t, please let us know and we’ll resend them to you.