On the 23rd of September, we had a fantastic time at The Forbidden Corner in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. After setting off at 10am from Penistone Grammar School with 108 young people and 32 adults on 3 coaches, we arrived at mid-day, just in time for a quick lunch before entering the magical and mysterious world of the Forbidden Corner!

The day was full of exploring and taking in the surreal surroundings, navigating mazes, dodging the surprise water fountains and clambering through underground tunnels. There was just enough time to fit in a quick break for ice cream at the cafe before heading back out for more exciting adventures. The Souts, Squirrels, Beavers and Cubs were well-entertained and certainly kept us leaders on our toes… who’s idea was it to take the kids to a place where you’re SUPPOSED to get lost?!

We won’t give too much away as to what there is to see exactly at the Forbidden Corner as part of the fun is exploring and finding new things.

Once we had exhausted all nooks and crannies and had discovered everything there is to see, everyone was delighted to spend some time at the adventure playground where the little ones burned off any energy they had left! Parents were advised to give their child some spending money (£5 bought a good gift). All the children had the opportunity to visit the gift shop where they really enjoyed having a look around and were spoilt for choice with the wide selection of toys and souvenirs to choose from.

Finally, our leaders treated us to a variety of snacks, crisps, fruit and drinks which we ate in the picnic area under the trees at the end of the day before heading back home on the coaches and arriving at 7pm.

It’s safe to say the coaches were a LOT quieter on the way back than they were in the morning!