After arriving at the scout hut during a shower early this morning, the beaver’s went on to enjoy a glorious day of sunshine at Sundown Adventureland. The day started with a minibus drive, which lasted far too long for our Beavers. The chants of ‘Are we nearly there yet’ began at Wortley? After, what was obviously a lot longer than an hour and a quarter to the young people, we finally reached our destination. Once we were all inside we split into mini groups where 6 beavers ensured that their 3 adults behaved responsibly all day. 6 hours of rides, fun, play areas and a picnic lunch ensured the day flew by. As we were leaving the park a member of the public commented on how well behaved our beavers had been so we took a trip to McDonald’s for our tea. We were all far too hungry to make it back to the scout hut to be fed and rumour has it that Shauna isn’t a very good cook! We are now all settled in our beds watching a movie before lights out and as the leaders were very noisy on the mini buses home we should all sleep like logs tonight!