T’was mid-December ’17 when we asked our lovely local community (you lot!) if they’d any use for a Christmas Tree collection and recycling service. It’s now the end of the big mulch; whilst we’re aching, tired and wondering how long we’ll keep finding stray tree needles, we’re also delighted, grateful and overwhelmed with how well the collection went and with your donations.

We’ve raised a total of:

This is amazing and fantastic – thank you so much.

We were asked, and would have loved to, have travelled further afield to do more collections; however, given this was our first year doing tree collections, we wanted to do it well.

From the feedback received, positivity of our community and success of yesterday’s collection, we’ll be providing the service again next year.

A massive thank you to Springvale Community Gardens – without your support we couldn’t have achieved this. If you aren’t already familiar with the gardens, please take a moment to visit their website.

Finally, to the parents and helpers who lugged, transported and helped out – thank you; your children will benefit massively from this effort.


Featured Image credit: jen collins (Flickr - Creative Commons)