Last weekend we enjoyed having 24 Cubs at the Scout Hut for a sleepover.



They played games including Hungry Hippos (the Reindeer version obviously with it being Christmas and all!); “After 8 Race” (which was challenging and hilarious.) The Cubs had to start with an After 8 mint on their foreheads and work it down to their mouths. There’s a free tip for when you come to play games at home over Christmas 😉

They then split into groups to plan a 2-course menu on a budget of £15 per group to work towards Money Skills and Chef Badges which also covered elements of Skills and Teamwork Badges.




We had planned to go hiking but we had to make other arrangements due to the weather. So instead, Carl led an indoor campfire using torches.




We split into 3 groups:

Group 1… The weather finally allowed us to go on a hike. We also took the opportunity to work in some litter picking. We even had to fight over pieces of litter as it was actually quite hard to find any! (Which is a great sign).

Group 2… Paracord Knots

Group 3… Wood Burning

We also covered some elements of the Artist Badge.