We are looking for someone amazing to join our team; an individual who can take on the role of our Group Secretary. We know the right person is out there, and hopefully reading this right now.

Don’t have much time? Well you’re just what we need – busy people – after all, who would want someone that never does anything!

You’d be part of the executive committee and part of Penistone Scouts’ trustees. We meet every couple of months, with some ad hoc activities in-between. None of this taxing, but all of it makes a big difference to the young people.


  • Working with the Group Scout Leader and Chairperson to coordinate Executive Committee meetings
  • Taking minutes, noting actions and sharing them in a timely manner with the team
  • Supporting the Executive Committee members with their roles and actions

Interested? Nice one! Please, either fill out the form on the following page, or get in touch with Rob.

Shorthand not required! Image for illustrative purposes only!

Photo credit: Clint Budd (Flickr- Creative Commons)