Watch out! Our Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Squirrels are armed with axes, bow and arrows, nerf guns and air rifles! That can only mean one thing – Group Camp is back!

With so many new skills to learn, games to play and memories to make, Group Camp was certainly busy. It got going as soon as Scouts, Cubs and Beavers arrived on the Friday night, with everyone helping to put up the tents before embarking on a night hike to explore the camp and collect some firewood. After a delicious supper, it was lights out at 10pm (we’ll let you decide if you think that happened.)

It might have been raining on Saturday but that wasn’t going to stop us! After Squirrels’ early morning arrival, it was time for everyone to work their way around the activities. There were plenty of opportunities for our young people to get some target practice in – even one of our Squirrels managed to hit the bullseye during axe throwing! There were some great results from archery and we’re pretty sure some of our Group may have been practicing nerf range at home. Scouts and Cubs also got to practice with the air rifles.

Away from the target practice, it was great to see so much teamwork on show, especially during the Blind Trail and weaselling. And, by the end of the day, many Beavers and Squirrels looked a little different thanks to the artistic talents of our leaders. We’re sure we spotted a tiger, unicorn and zebra around camp. It was certainly a busy day and we’re pretty sure that everyone went to sleep a little earlier on Saturday!

Sunday was a bit more relaxed with Cubs and Beavers joining together for wide games whilst Scouts went off on a picture trail. It was great to catch up with so many parents during pick up as well.

Group Camp was the perfect way to end this academic year. Huge thanks to all our Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Squirrels – and of course our leaders – for giving us some fantastic memories. Enjoy all the photos below!