What a day Raptors have had at Hesley Wood on this Jamboree weekend.

The morning started with parents dropping the cubs off for a 9:30 start, then straight into bases:

Sheffield Radio Club had brought along their radio caravan for the event, so we had a go at talking on Amateur Radio, listened to stations from different parts of the world, played battleships using handheld radios and talked to other scouts in special Scout Chat Rooms before then linking up with them on Skype.

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Penistone Scout Group – Raptors @ JOTA / JOTI

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After lunch we then had the opportunity of crate stacking, going into the cube to find the hidden pieces (and not get lost) and then tried the archery. Some of our cubs’ archery skills were very impressive!

Penistone Scout Group – Raptors Crate Stacking @ JOTA / JOTI

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Hesley Wood and South Yorkshire put on a fabulous day for us, and we thank them for the making our day so enjoyable.