We shared news recently about our recently retired Group Scout Leader (Steve Roach) and daughter (Susie Roach – a Penistone Cub Leader) heading to Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Diabetes UK.

We’re delighted to hear they’ve smashed both their fundraising target and haven’t been beaten by the Mount Kilimanjaro!

Here’s Steve’s report:

Susie and I successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro after a five-day track to base camp. This was a challenging trek and climb, Scouting values and good humour were needed on many occasions. Susie, in particular, showed great fortitude and much-needed humour to motivate and inspire the group at various points when we had to overcome difficulties.

I am really pleased that we were able to both represent Penistone Scouts and Diabetes UK in this African challenge. I have previously visited Baden Powell’s grave facing Mount Kenya and so it was that there was a spiritual feeling to be on top of a 3 mile high mountain looking down onto a continent which gave birth to Scouting.

A big thank you for everyone’s comments and especially those of you who have supported the fundraising along the way. (Still, time to donate a few pennies as Susie has said)

Steve aka Papa Roach and Susie