What a week! With most young people back at school on Monday, we saw the tide of normality start to creep ever so slowly back towards the shoreline. For sure, we’re a long way off our new normal, but it’s been a cracking week nonetheless!

Scouts got their hands dirty on Monday, but their thirst quenched as they built survival water filters. We love the interest, energy and engagement our prep kits have brought from the young people.

On Tuesday part of the session at Beavers was led by one of the young people. He explained the Green Cross Code to the group and asked them questions about being safe on the roads. The beaver leading was working toward the leadership element of his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. Excellent work delivering a session focused on road safety. We then covered safety considerations in the kitchen, the lounge and the bathroom.

Our Cubs continued working towards their astronomer badge this week. We made a viewing box so we could safely view the sun, our nearest star. We then talked about the moon, its phases and how they happen and made examples using icing on biscuits. The cubs had been asked to produce a model or drawing of all the planets and their relative position from the sun then we learned a way of remembering the order.

We’re delighted to share some behind the scenes updates too:

  • We recently completed the annual Scout census based on the info you kindly provided
  • We’ve whittled down those paying our old bank account to the select few – c’mon over to Online Scout Manager payments; it’s dead easy to set and (almost) forget!
  • Badge work has been reconciled, resulting in another big order for supplies. We can’t wait to deliver them!
  • Weekly section plans are pretty firm, though to the summer break – yay for planning!
  • We’re taking 15 young people off of the waiting list and offering them places.
  • And we’ve spent some time targeting the recruitment of everyday heroes to bolster our wonderful volunteering numbers.

As our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, said, “Scouting made me”. We can’t wait for next week and the opportunity to keep building more skills for life. Who knows, one day, one of our young people could be a Scouting Ambassador like those in the following video!

What made us? Scouting Ambassadors reflect on their Scouting journeys