It’s Sunday, and we’ve got your round-up of reminders and information about the coming week of Scouting, plus a recap of some of this week’s meetings and some other events.

Group (All sections)

Parent Rota

To support our regular leader team, we will be extending the parent rota used within the Beaver section to cover all the other group sections. We are in the process of understanding how this has been executed within Beavers, and how we might need to adjust it for the other sections. We will be in touch with additional details once this has been finalised.

Back in the here and now, let’s take a look at the coming week:

The week ahead (1st April 2019 onwards)


Section meetings

Castors and Boomers  – will be investing new members and having “bits and pieces” evenings. This will allow them to sign off some badgework gaps.

Millstones – will be at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre Zorbing on Wednesday evening. Details here. They will not be meeting on Friday.

Future Beaver events

Bunny hunt – Reminder that we will be having our Easter Bunny Hunt on the 9th April 18:30 to 20:00. We will be meeting at Cubley Hall in the new part of their building and coming back to there but we will be out so strong shoes and a coat will be required. Note all colonies will meet on the same day that week to join together for the event. Parents who can come and help walk with a group of beavers please contact Brian or Amy.


Section meetings

Bella Vista – will be visited by two wonderful guests explaining all about the valuable work they do at Stocksbridge Food Bank. As a thank you for them giving up their time we would like each cub to donate one item of tinned food. However, they have asked for no baked beans as have a surplus of those already!

Alegre – our Young Leaders will be trying out more new games for the Cubs to enjoy and we will be brainstorming ideas for our next terms activities to take to the Cub Leader planning meeting during the Easter holidays!.

Raptors – will be meeting in the school hall at a slightly later time of 6.50pm . We have a drumming workshop visiting us. We will be ending the session at 8.30pm.

Future Cub events

None to highlight at this time


Section meetings

All troops – will be taking part in geocaching, so please dress up warm and bring a torch (unless your section leader notifies you otherwise).

Future Scout events

Baggerwood expedition– Next weekend 60+ young people will be taking part in the Baggerwood expedition challenge weekend. Completed consent and medical forms can be returned by email, as per the event briefing pack, or paper copies in an envelope dropped either through Shauna or Rob’s letterboxes by Wednesday. The overnight kit bag drop is Thursday evening as per the briefing pack. Unfortunately, we have a number of young people who have not been paid for, if monies are not received by Tuesday evening (bank transfer only to the Engima account) then their corresponding places will sadly have to be cancelled.

Scouts go hopping mad – as an end of term treat, all three Scout troops will be going to Air Haus (near Meadowhall) to take part in the Total Wipeout, Giant slide, inflatable and Ninja Warrior style course. The event page is here, as per the letter, parents/guardians need to complete Air Haus’ waiver/disclaimer online before the event.


Section meetings

Details for next weeks meeting will be sent on email if there is anything special.
Reminder to all doing D of E that you need to start loading evidence if you want to finish your awards.

Future Explorer events

None to mention at this time
With the reminders out-of-the-way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Disability Awareness

This week all three beaver colonies completed their disability awareness badge. Castors had a log chew at the end of the meeting where we looked at what they want to do at beavers next term. As usual we have a list of things to work through – they all seem to want the end of term water fight.

Mother’s day

Bella Vista cubs enjoyed a game of dodgeball followed by making cards for Mother’s Day. Raptors also made Mother’s / Grandmother’s Day cards . We have some very artistic members; we hope the recipients liked their cards.

Science badge

The fantastic Young Leaders at Alegre Cubs completed work towards their missions by running some new games that the Cubs have not played before. The Cubs also got crafty by planting some bulbs and decorating plant pots for a special person in their life. The Cubs will monitor the bulbs over the next few weeks to finish off their science badge.

Amazon tour

Engina Scouts made history this week as the first scouts to ever step foot inside the Amazon Fulfilment Centre LBA2 at New Rossington Doncaster. This went down really well with the young people; the staff were very impressed with our scouts and block booked the rest of the group shortly afterwards!

Zorbing continues

Engina Scouts met twice this week, their second session being at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre to take part in Zorbing.

Global awareness

This week Wednesday scouts set up  manufacturing companies to play a trading game as part of global awareness. Scouts had to manufacture shapes and sell them to the bank whilst trying to work alongside the ever changing prices, regulations and staff issues. This was a good teamwork exercise and gave a good understanding of how unfair life can be at times especially when you are trying to do your best.

Map skills

Viernes scouts recently learned about how to read a map, details included within one as well as grid references. The scouts were then challenged to draw their own maps, adding suitable details and a key. They provided Richard with grid references to find items upon the map. The winning team won a compass per team members.

Trading game

Scorpion Explorers played the trading game this week and some Explorers learned that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. A good exercise to prove teamwork is important as well as thinking about consequences for making a wrong decision.