Today Penistone Squirrels arrived at our Scout HQ bright and early with our bags packed with everything we needed to a day jam packed with fun and friendship. We had a chance to chat with our friends and play a game or two whilst we waited for our important grown ups to safely secure our car seats on the minibus ready for us to embark on our epic journey. After many versus of ‘are we nearly there yet’ we eventually arrived at Gulliver’s World, we had the first of our many snack stops before getting off of the minibus and making our way inside what appeared to be a castle. At this point we were very smart squirrels and decided to split in to two groups as the leaders do take a lot of looking after! As you can see we spent the morning taking the leaders on to lots of amazing rides, you will notice that not all the leaders were as brave and adventurous as us Squirrels and sometimes 1 or 2 would sit out, they were pretending to look after our bags? We gathered together for lunch and exchanged stories of our adventures so far and recommended the best rides from the different themed zones to each other. With the valuable intelligence about the best rides we went exploring the other zones in the afternoon. By 4pm the leaders were exhausted and could no longer keep up with us Squirrels so we decided to head back to the minibus with them. We did take a slight detour on the way back to Scout HQ to feed the leaders (and ourselves) with a McDonalds to keep their strength up for the final leg of the journey. I think we will give them a few weeks to recover before we decide where they should take us for our next big adventure.