It’s not every day you get told to climb into the back of a police van. Thankfully, our local police squad hadn’t come to arrest any of us. No, they’d come to meet our Beavers and Squirrels – and boy did the kids love getting to know our local heroes!

Dressed in their uniforms and kitted our with handcuffs, breathalysers and walkie-talkies, the friendly officers let the Beavers and Squirrels see what it was like to get locked up in the van, try on a police vest and helmet, sit in the driver’s seat of the police car and even turn on the sirens! They answered LOADS of questions about what it’s like to be a police officer and help keep our local community safe.

This exciting meet-and-greet will help the Squirrels achieve their Superhero badge, with our Drey learning that superheroes don’t just exist in comics but real-life superheroes are all around us, doing great things to help others every day. Similarly, our Beavers are working towards their My World Challenge Award, exploring different traditions and cultures and discovering how the world works, including meeting someone who serves the local community.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the officers that came along and look forward to seeing them around the Penistone area (we promise we won’t be in the back of a police van again any time soon!).