Scouting is all about different experiences and opportunities, trying something new and gaining skills for life.

As part of this, we are delighted to share that Penistone Scouts will be hosting the very inspirational and fabulous Antarctic Fire Angels twice during April!

The Angels are a group of five ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

We are training to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica in November 2023. Together we will cover 1,900 Km, pulling 85 Kg pulks (supply sleds) in temperatures as low as -50 and in wind speeds of over 60 mph in approximately 70 days.

That’s around 27 Km every day.

Conquering this route using mind and muscle power alone will be a World Record, as the team would be the first all female emergency services team to achieve this

The Antarctic Fire Angels

That’s amazing! When can we meet them?

On Tuesday, 13th April, we will welcome George to an interactive session with our Beavers and Cubs.

On Monday, 19th April, we will welcome Alison to an interactive session with our Scouts and Explorers.

Join us on our journey to eradicate gender stereotypes and to increase awareness of the impact of poor mental health.

We are preparing to face one of the harshest environments in the world to give you full insight of who we are as ordinary women – who are capable of doing extraordinary things. As firefighters, we are often portrayed as strong individuals who are resistant to tragedy, and able to cope and to continue at any cost.

This isn’t true.

Mental health affects firefighters. Gender stereotyping affects prospective firefighters. Both can affect us all.

The Antarctic Fire Angels

How will we meet the Angels?

We’ll be meeting the Angels via Zoom. On the 13th and 19th April.

Invites will go to parent/guardian email addresses and the Parent Portal of Online Scout Manager system ahead of the sessions so the young people can sign up.

Promo video from the Antarctic Fire Angels

Make a donation

As a group, we’ve made a donation to the Antarctic Fire Angels. They need to raise £½m, so if you’d also like to sponsor their efforts, please do so on the following page.

We can’t face this alone. Together we can

Antarctic Fire Angels

Can’t wait?

Here’s more about the Antarctic Fire Angels..

Photography and other media credit: Antarctic Fire Angels content creators