Scouting in 2021 and how it’s #GoodForYou too

How we fit into the national campaign

If you’re on social media (and we appreciate not everyone is), you’ve probably seen a lot more activity on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than normal over the last week or so. Woven between the posts about regular Scouting, future…

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Scoutfest 2021 – Save the date

The virtual camp to end all virtual camps!

Every couple of years, the opportunity comes to join other groups from South Yorkshire County for a large camping event at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre. With COVID restrictions easing but still very limiting, it hasn’t been possible for such…

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Come see our new look website

It's not all spit and polish

To keep you informed of events, programme and what’s going on for the young people of Penistone Scouts, we use a mix of Online Scout Manager and our group website. Over the last 12-18 months, we’ve ramped up our usage…

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It’s great to be back face-to-face

Scouting in Penistone is returning to a new normal

We are proud of the young people for their engagement in our virtual programme; however, nothing replaces being able to meet face-to-face again. All of our group sections are now meeting regularly face-to-face. From sessions at the Scout Hut, Silverwood…

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Face to face Scouting changes (May 2021)

With the National Youth Agency (NYA), UK Scouting has been in dialogue with the UK Government throughout the pandemic. This information is based on their latest discussions. From 17 May, we move to Yellow status (Stage 3). There is very…

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Volunteering updates

We were staggered to recently see some headquarters stats that many parents/guardians want to help but have never been asked. At Penistone, we aren’t backward at coming forwards for asking for your support. We’ve worked at being more specific about…

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New neckers

Penistone Scouts has a long history – we started back in 1910, a mere three years after Baden Powell began the Scout movement! We celebrated 100 years of Scouting in Penistone in 2010. A commemorative necker created and has been…

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Antarctic Fire Angels set to inspire Penistone Scouts

Scouting is all about different experiences and opportunities, trying something new and gaining skills for life. As part of this, we are delighted to share that Penistone Scouts will be hosting the very inspirational and fabulous Antarctic Fire Angels twice…

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Getting back to face-to-face Scouting (March 2021)

We excited to be able to share the latest updates regarding face-to-face Scouting for Penistone Scouts. UK Scouting, with the National Youth Agency (NYA), has been in dialogue with the UK Government throughout the pandemic. This information is based on…

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