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CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER 2017 – Yet another busy year for Scouting in Penistone

Every year we like to round off the year with a NEWSLETTER which is written by the section leaders and acts as a review of the exploits the group and its members have been up to over the past year.

We hope you enjoy it, as always there are a few calls for your support, please get in touch!

Finally, on behalf of Penistone Scout Group, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Download a copy: PENISTONE SCOUT GROUP – Newsletter 2017

Read online:

Click to access PENISTONE-SCOUT-GROUP-Newsletter-2017.pdf

Photo image credit: Backbone Campaign (Flickr – Creative Commons)


  1. On and off, I’ve been part of Penistone Scout Group for over 32 years.

    I went through all of the youth sections before becoming a leader – university and work meant I stepped away; over the last few years I’ve stepped up my involvement once more.

    In particular, I’ve stepped out of my behind the scenes role (web/media/technical) and additionally taken on an Assistant Scout Leader role. I really enjoy both the direct role (as a leader) and the support function I can provide.

    As Bruce, and other folks writing in their newsletter content, have alluded to. The group is such a success because of both the “front of house” leader teams and the many volunteers who squirrel away in the background – invisible to many of the members and parents/guardians. I have two children in the Group – so, on a parental level, I’d like to thank everyone who contributes to the group’s success and ultimately, what our young people gain, experience and enjoy from their valued efforts.

    Thank you!

    Echoing what Bruce has said in his round-up – if you can volunteer even a small amount of time, please do let us know. Every contribution can and does make a difference.

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