One of the website features that we’ve been hard at work getting ready for you to use has been our group calendar/diary dates section.

We’ve overhauled the look and feel, adding some features that we hope you’re going to love!

On a computer

From the menu, select “Calendar”. On a computer, the default view will be a monthly summary. Events will appear similar to how they might in other calendar apps you’re used to. Roll your mouse pointer over an event to see a brief summary, click it to see the full details.

On a tablet or phone

From the menu, select “Calendar”. On a tablet or phone, the default view will be agenda view. In regular terms, as a chronological list. Tap an event to see a preview/summary and then click “Read more” to see the full event detail.

In all cases

When you view an event page, key information will be detailed:

  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Description
  • Cost
  • Organiser
  • Letters and documents specific to the event
  • Miscellaneous details that are event pertinent

Event pages have been designed to simplify access to event information for all. Leaders can share detail in a single location. Parents/Guardians know that they can quickly find answers to specific events quickly and consistently.

Cool feature – add events to your calendar

A key feature we’d like to talk about is the ability to add an event directly from the website to your personal calendar. On any given event, tap “Add to Calendar” and choose your calendar type from the list.

 Photo credit: Dafne Cholet Flickr (Creative Commons)