To enter you have to design a badge on the theme of Penistone Scouts ‘I survived 2020’ that could go on a camp blanket. The badge must be circular (an oval or a circle), contain the phrase Penistone Scouts ‘I survived 2020’ and must not have more than 5 colours. All designs should be submitted by the 15th December and one runner up from each section and an overall winner will be picked by the 18th December. Each runner up will win a prize. To submit your design, please email it to [email protected] along with the young person’s name and section (if possible written next to their design). Each young person may only submit one design. Be as creative as a penguin playing with a pogo stick on Pluto. Good luck. There is a template sheet below if you wish to use it but don’t feel obliged.

Good Luck


Youth Exec Member & Young Leader