We have just received word from Scout Headquarters – the National Youth Agency are moving England back into a “RED” status of readiness.

This means that ALL face-to-face Scouting we’ve planned for the coming weeks is now, unfortunately, CANCELLED.

We will discuss virtual options amongst the team and contact parents/guardians via Online Scout Manager. It is with a heavy heart that we share this news, but we completely understand and support the National Youth Agency’s decision.

Extract from Scouts UK email sent by the Deputy Chief Commissioner

You can keep an eye on the readiness levels on the Scouts’ website.

Please, when you get your letters in the post, participate in the Poppy Appeal items (reminder to send the photos to [email protected]) have a read of the Autumn/Winter term update because much of it is still valid (I wrote it before the lockdown was announced!) and reach out to the team if you need support. One of the activities the young people can do – even during lockdown – is to support the 500 Scout Groups most at risk of closure as outlined in the #RaceAroundTheWorld post here.

Be safe, be kind and stay in touch.