We hope you had a good half term!

The week ahead (4th November 2019 onwards)

Group (All sections)

Remembrance Parade

All sections (except Millstones and Raptors) – the arrangements for Remembrance Sunday reflect previous years; however, for the avoidance of doubt, we urge you to please refer to the letter found on the event page here.

Diary dates and future events

Please keep an eye on the calendar for events coming up soon.


Section meetings

Castors, Boomers and Millstones will be making fires, and enjoying sparklers and marshmallow S’mores treats to celebrate Bonfire Night.


Section meetings

Alegre leaders are putting together our plans for up till Christmas – meet as normal this week though.

Bella Vista are cooking this week. We’re looking forward to making and tasting the meals that were planned and priced up before half term.

Raptors are back to meeting on Thursday, in the school as planned. We’ll be doing more ‘poppy day’ events and will be taking a walk to the local monument. Please make sure your Cub attends in the right clothes for the weather. A torch might also be useful.


Section meetings

Enigma will be at the scout hut for activities on a bonfire night theme. We’ll be having a guy-making competition, so bring lots of newspaper for that. Also any old clothes that you don’t want back for the guys to wear – we might get a bonfire going!

Wibbles will be visiting the local war memorials after the half-term break to think about remembrance. We’ll finish with a visit to the local chip shop so please bring some change for that.

Viernes will be meeting as usual. No other details yet.


Section meetings

Scorpion explorers will be meeting as usual. Information will be emailed out if there’s anything you need to know in advance.


It was great to see so many of you at the Penistone Bonfire and Fireworks event on Saturday. Huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to help.