We hope you’ve enjoyed the half-term break, despite the weather.

The week ahead (24th February 2020 onwards)

All sections meet back this week, with a couple of changes from the usual.


All three beaver colonies are meeting at the scout hut on Wednesday this week at 18:30 for a Police night.


Alegre will be celebrating Pancake Day.

Bella Vista will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if there’s anything you need to bring.

Raptors plan to do nature-related activities in a session planned by their young leaders.


Enigma will be meeting as usual. The plan is to make pancakes. You can bring along any toppings you’d like to add but sugar and lemon will be provided.

Wibbles will be heading to Swegway near Chapeltown.

Viernes are starting to make the wooden knife handles, stick toppers or woggles that they designed before the holiday.


Scorpions will be trying pancake art!

Diary dates and future events

Penistone Gala is 12-14th June this year. Could you help to support the event? Perhaps you could spare an hour or two to help in the catering tent, have got a great design idea for a Superheros and Villains parade float or would be happy to join a team building one… Please reply to our email invite, or talk to Rob or Shauna.

Keep an eye on the calendar for other events coming up soon.