As most people are coming as families we are asking that if you are stopping, you supervise your own child for this meeting. If you are not staying, you must make this clear to your child’s Section Leader when booking.  Scouts camping for the weekend will be given alternate arrangements via their section but parents are still invited for the evening!

In order to maintain the safety of all participants, we ask that you pre-book tickets so that we know how many people will be on site and also ask that no-one brings / uses sparklers at the bonfire so there is one less risk for us to manage on the evening.

When you arrive please park in the main car park area and walk along the path to the check in desk. Please do not go straight to the bonfire as due to the nature of the event we need to make sure we know who we have on site. We have use of the end building where refreshments will be provided. You can then follow the path down to the bonfire from here.

Leaders from all sections will be on site and wearing high-viz if you need to get someone’s attention quickly we will be easy to spot.

Also, if you have any wood you could donate towards our bonfire, please let us know ASAP. We are relying on donations which can be collected or dropped off on the day of the bonfire.

If you have any questions about the event, or can donate some wood for the bonfire, please contact Amy on 07932060725 or [email protected]

Please note the final date for booking tickets is Friday 20th October

Bonfire 2017 – Original letter

Featured image credit: Richard Thomas (Creative Commons)