I would like to say a few thank you’s after the success of group camp last weekend.

To the leader team and parent volunteers who gave up their time, a huge thank you. Managing 150 young people for 2 days is hard work and your dedication, patience and unwavering commitment was much appreciated.

To the Young People, WELL DONE, you were amazing, you got stuck in, tried new things, met new people, made new friends and had lots of challenges, fun and an adventure for two days and you survived, you were spectacular!And lastly Sam! I gave you this project, to organise and lead a camp for 200, and you met it head on and made it a success. You were impressive, everything went like clockwork and 200 people were looked after, had fun and learnt so much and importantly went home happy. What is more impressive is you are 21 years of age, not long ago you were a scout on the receiving end of camps and activities and now you are running and organising them. FABULOUS!


Now it just leaves, what are we going to do next year to follow that?