Packmania and Scouttastic really showed us how much of an appetite there is for easy access to group content, both from a knowledge perspective but primarily so that you can see what your kids get up to both on a weekly basis, particularly when we attend camps and events.

Facebook and Twitter are great for a point in time, but we know how frustrating it can be scrolling back trying to find content after a few days. Emails can get lost, albeit in the digital ether rather than under that pile of magazines that went to the recycling. Printed content doesn’t always make it home with the kids, so, with this in mind, we’ve had the Group website redesigned.

Simple, clear and easy to use on phones, tablets, and computers is the order of the day.

We will have regular postings including:

  • Event information
  • Copies of newsletters
  • Consent forms
  • Group calendar
  • Sectional information
  • Nuggets of stuff we’ve been up to
  • Plus various other group media available to view and download,

We want you to be able to engage and interact via the site, share information with others and most importantly, feel part of the group too.

For the technically interested:

  • All of our posts to the website will also be pushed to Facebook Instant Articles so they’ll instantly load over on our Facebook feed.
  • Similarly, users of Apple News can subscribe to our Apple News channel here.
  • You can subscribe to receive email alerts about content on the site.