Earlier this year, after 37 years of dedicated service, Steve Roach stepped down the role of Group Scout Leader at Penistone. Until now, Mark Elliott, one of the Barnsley District Commissioners has been the Acting Group Scout Leader.

During the group’s annual Carol Service, we shared the news that we have a new Group Scout Leader. Formally in the role from the 1st January 2019, but acting in a designate capacity during December, our County Commissioner Neil McKay has appointed Rob Robinson the Group Scout Leader.

Rob was a youth member at Penistone during the 1980/1990s, progressing through Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts. For many years he has been an active adult volunteer working with the district and county teams on media and technical “stuff”. He returned to the group, initially with Friday Scouts, during late 2017 and you may recognise his mug-shot as one of the people who produce content for our social media channels and the website.

Rob Robinson - Penistone Scouts' Group Scout Leader
Rob Robinson – Penistone Scouts’ Group Scout Leader

Rob will be working closely with the leader team, executive committee, various partnerships, district/county and most importantly the young people to make sure positive, challenging and rewarding Scouting continues to take place in Penistone. Amazing things have taken place in the 37 years Steve has been the Group Scout Leader; in this next chapter of the group’s story, we’re confident they’ll be many more!

Steve hasn’t left the group; he will be enjoying some of the time he’s gained back to spend with Barbara and the grandchildren, as well as concentrating on growing our fabulous Active Support Unit, the “Falcons”.

Rob Robinson and Steve Roach
Rob Robinson and Steve Roach

Friday Scouts (Viernes) will not be left leaderless. Richard Punshon has agreed to take on the Scout Section Leader role. Additionally, the Group Communications Manager role Rob also held will be rethought and be more of a function within the group than an official role.

Many thanks to all of the dedicated people who volunteer and make the opportunities possible for young people in Penistone. From those who wear a uniform to the unsung heroes in the back-office or the ad hoc support whenever it’s needed from parents/guardians and community members – we salute you all.

Finally, a special thank you to Steve Roach AKA Papa Roach – you’ve enabled many generations of young people to go through the group, the addition of new sections to accommodate an increase to youth numbers, the addition of beavers to scouting, girls being a part of scouting and major events such as the funding/rebuilding of the scout hut following the roof collapsing in the 1980s. This and the local and international partnerships you’ve been part of (especially Ghana Outlook) are fabulous. We look forward to a special celebration in 2019 where we’ll recognise your contributions and make a special thank you.