Penistone Scouts has a long history – we started back in 1910, a mere three years after Baden Powell began the Scout movement!

Penistone Scouts necker

We celebrated 100 years of Scouting in Penistone in 2010. A commemorative necker created and has been proudly worn by our members for the last 10 years.

When we launched that necker design, every group member was given one and the old ones donated to Ghana Outlook. (So they could give them to Dzolo Penistone Scout Group – a youth group established by a community in Africa following young people from Penistone Scouts venturing there as part of an expedition to help others)

Why a new necker?

Scouting went through a rebranding exercise in 2018, and as part of that dropped “group” from the collective form of scouts. Whether we are beaver scouts, cub scouts, scouts, explorer scouts, network scouts, leaders or active support members, we are all “Scouts”.

We are in our 111th year, and given the rebrand, plus we ran out of necker supplies in the 100-year celebratory style, we have decided to update our necker design again.

We’ve embodied the classic Penistone Scouts colours, embraced the new branding and made a nod towards our long history in our updated necker design.

Penistone Scouts new necker

When can I get one?

We will present every member of Penistone Scouts with a new necker. We will be issuing them during some of our face-to-face sessions.

The old necker can be kept as memorabilia. For anyone who doesn’t wish to keep their old one, we will collect and pass them to Richard of Ghana Outlook.

Replacement neckers will be available to purchase via our group web-store soon. The best chance folks have of not losing them is to please make sure names are written on the handy label. 🙂