Like many other groups around the globe, the leader team have been looking to see how we can keep Scouting alive whilst the suspension of face-to-face meetings is in place. In this post, we’ll share some of the details around how we’ll do so.

Keeping up-to-date

We are going to be reliant upon our electronic methods of communication. To make sure you’ve access to and are aware of group content, please:

  • Email messages containing specific updates that we wouldn’t put in the Public domain (on the web-site) will come out via Online Scout Manager, therefore, please make sure you’ve checked your spam or junk folder for any Scouting emails that may have ended up there
  • If you have any entries in your junk/spam, you should mark them as “not spam” or even “whitelist” the group’s email addresses
  • For content that we don’t email out, our web-site is the group’s official source of information. Please visit it regularly, when new content is pushed out it should also land in your inbox and be visible on our social media channels
  • If you’re a Facebook user, “like” our page – any post to the web-site is pushed to our Facebook page
  • If you’re a Twitter user, “follow us” on Twitter – similar to Facebook, any post the web-site is pushed to our Twitter stream

Virtual section meetings

We will be inviting the young people to attend virtual section meetings. We will host these on the Zoom.

Invitations to “dial-in” to the meeting will be sent out via Online Scout Manager. At the respective time, your young person will be able to join using specific invites.

Engaging content for meetings

We plan to keep the virtual sessions engaging and fun, as well as providing that essential touch-point for the young people. To make sure we’ve got the best possible content to share, if you’ve suggestions, ideas or even things you could be involved in the delivery of (e.g. talking about something you do in your job or are interested in) then please get in touch with [email protected] We would love to hear from you!

Supporting the local community

Where we can, we’ll be supporting local community initiatives that will engage with and support our fellow community members. Most of these will be in partnership with the local Round Table.

Updated: 25th March 2020 @ 22:31