Penistone Scout Group is one of the largest and most successful Scout Groups in the country, however, we are facing a challenge.

We currently have 265 young people involved with the group and 200 more on a waiting list, which will grow as new housing developments are completed in Penistone.

You would think this apparent success attracts a lot of volunteers, and it’s true, we do have around 60 adults supporting the group in one form or another. However, we always need more volunteers, especially as people leave and we expand.

Right now, we need adults to support the current Wednesday & Friday Scout teams as well as our Explorer section Scorpion.

This is a plea to you! If you can offer support as a leader in these sections, or any of the other sections of the group that is excellent; however I am the first to recognise that wearing a uniform and a woggle isn’t everyone’s idea of volunteering; nowadays helping scouting is flexible and you don’t necessarily have to wear a uniform and you don’t need to commit to every week (Sectional Assistants, for example, can decide not to wear a uniform and, adults can share a role with one or more people).

Since I have been involved in Scouting in Penistone, I have made more friends, participated in activities that I would never have done before and gained a lot of pure enjoyment out of providing exciting and challenging activities for young people who have openly appreciated what I and other leaders at Penistone have done.

Being involved as an adult in a growing, enthusiastic and successful group, providing and participating in activities is a fantastic experience, which gives you an enormous sense of pride and fulfilment.

Please consider our plea, if you want to offer your help, or just discuss this further please contact us.

Additionally, there are lots of other ways you can get involved and make us even more AWESOME, please take the time to fill out the AWESOME form and we will respond and try to be as flexible as we can with your offer to help.

Parents Help Form – Awesome