Reminders & key information:

Our first week back following the Easter break has flown by! Does anyone have any chocolate left over? It’s taking all my willpower not to eat my children’s stash!

This edition’s reminders:


Rugby skills taster – All Beavers are at Wortley Rugby Club on Wednesday between 6.30 to 7.45. There are no beaver meetings on Tuesday or Friday. No uniform needed; please wear practical clothes e.g. jogging bottoms and a jumper. If your beaver has football boots they can wear them, trainers are fine otherwise. Parents/Guardians are requested to please stay at the venue for this event.

Pirate camp  – Aaaaarh, mi hearties. This weekend be the beavers trip to the eastern shores of this island! Don’t be forgetting to arrive at a suitable time on Friday for check-in! All the information, paperwork and details about what the ship’s crew be needing to pack be on the event page. If ye can’t be seeing the kit list, be sure to click on the embedded letter. Please don’t be sending rum with the little people – we’ve got caterers aboard. They’ll only sniff it out and we pay em in grog to keep em going!


Raptors – Cubs from our Raptors pack will be trying their hands at taekwondo. We will be starting at the earlier time of 6:00 and finishing at 7:30. It’s essential your cub brings a water bottle. Please see the dedicated event page for full details.

Alegre/Bella Vista – We have a joint meeting at Wortley Rugby club. The dedicated event page is here. Similar to our beaver rugby event: no uniform, practical clothes and parents/guardians to please remain at the venue.


Enigma – Monday scouts are swimming at the Metrodome. Check the events page for full details – note the variance to our normal meeting times! Arrive at the Metrodome for 18:15 prompt! Any outstanding monies can be paid on the night – no £10 or £20 notes though please, correct change only.

Viernes – Friday scouts have a split programme this week (and next). Half the troop will be making pizza from scratch at the Scout hut, the others heading to Penistone Fire Station. Everyone to wear their uniform and arrive on time at the scout hut, please – we will arrange logistics then.

Wibbles – Wednesday scouts are working on their Chef badges over the next couple of weeks. Separately, a handful of our troop will be helping Peak Park Rangers in the Peak District over the weekend whilst completing their expedition challenge badge.


Superheros needed (costumes optional) – Our explorers are not only (usually) the tallest of our young people, they are fast becoming the largest section of our group. If our explorer unit is to continue, we desperately need to get more adult support engaged. We don’t need uniform wearing, week-in-week-out commitments – once a month attendance would really help us out. You don’t need to have a young person in the section to help; just a few hours of extremely rewarding time. Please contact Alison if you can make a difference.

With the reminders out of the way, let’s recap the week and see the additional footage.

This week:

Beavers visited Coddy’s Farm

Beavers from all of our sections went across to Coddy’s Farm in Holmfirth this week. They got to experience a working farm and got to cuddle some very fluffy newborn lambs. Some beavers even got to see a lamb being born. Educational and the awwww factor, all in one evening. Millstones colony invested a massive 7 new beavers! (That’s massive as is in a lot of beavers, not children that resemble sumo wrestlers!)

Planning and bingo

Bella Vista cubs welcomed five beavers to the cub pack. Part of the evening was given over to the cubs, offering them the chance to come up with ideas for our future programme. Alison came down and delighted everyone with the Jamboree team chocolate bingo fundraiser.

Pringles challenge

Scouts from Wibbles troop had a great first night back tonight, focusing on teamwork and personal skills. We tried the Pringles challenge, obstacle course with plastic cups and balloons, building straw towers and rearranging jumbled up scout laws as well as looking at plans for activities for the new term.

Look out Hansel and Gretel

Explorers built houses out of food and came up with ideas for the next term. We welcomed two new explorers and have lots to be invested next week.

Young Leaders took over Enigma

Some of our young leader team ran Monday scouts this week; a thoroughly enjoyable games evening saw many a tired young person heading home (via the tuck shop).

Jamboree fundraising @ “Evita”

Scouts from our group’s Jamboree contingent have been out fundraising. Their latest efforts saw them manning the refreshments at a local production of Evita raising over £500. Fantastic effort to all involved!

Roller skating

Viernes scouts walked to Penistone Leisure Centre for an evening of roller skating. Thank you to Kirsty Salmon for helping us pull this together.

Viernes go roller skating! Not many falls…. Yet…. | By Penistone Scouts | Facebook

Viernes go roller skating! Not many falls…. Yet….

And finally:

During the Easter holidays, the scout hut had some building work done to the interior. We’ve had a new ceiling put in the main hall, and replaced the lights. We are in the process of doing a little redecoration work and are likely to call upon anyone who can help us, please. If you can offer any assistance, please let Steve Roach know.

Did you know?

As you probably know, Penistone Scout Group is totally self-financing and we don’t receive mainstream support from Barnsley or Penistone councils; we rely on using our reserves and external funding for any maintenance of the building. In this instance, we were very grateful to get the lights donated and we now think that the leaders will be able to see if the badge is the right way up!

Photo credits: Don Le, HJ Media Studios, Hamza Butt, Clement Soh (Flickr - Creative Commons)