Reminders & key information:

This edition’s reminders:


All three Beaver colonies will be starting work on their Health and Fitness badge this week. We will be working towards achieving both badges over the next few weeks and will be meeting at the normal times and places.
Night in the Museum sleepover – We are holding a ‘Night in the Museum’ sleepover at Weston Park Museum for all three Beaver colonies. For more information and full event details please see the dedicated event page. To book your child’s place, please answer Yes to the My.Scout invitation which you should have received on Wednesday evening. Places are considered firm after clicking yes with the full balance payable (even if your young person drops out). This is because the group has to make a financial commitment. If you have any questions about the sleepover, please contact Amy, regardless of which section your child is in.


Alegre & Bella Vista – will be working on their communicator badge.  They will learn about various communication techniques and what it takes to be a confident and effective communicator.

Raptors – please look out for an email about the programme this week.


Enigma – Next week members of the 2019 Scout Jamboree contingent will be visiting us to tell us all about the exciting adventure ahead of them in the summer.  Remember you guys can apply for the next one as will all be aged 14-18!

Viernes – will be outside for their mini-challenge. Please make sure your scout wears strong shoes and warm clothing. We will be meeting at the scout hut at our normal times.

Wibbles – will be working on individual and team challenges.

Monopoly Run has now been fully paid/underwritten by the group. Those who have booked a place are reminded that the second payment is due in the coming weeks.


Explorers will be trying out team challenges.
With the reminders out-of-the-way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Beavers Hobbies and Sports badge night

Castor Beavers had an evening learning about each other’s hobbies and the various sports they take part in.  It was a very interesting evening and impressively every single Beaver managed to tell us about at least one Sport or Hobby.

Boomer Beavers enjoyed spending the evening listening to their peer’s ‘show and tell’ for either their hobbies or sports badge. We had a diverse range of hobbies and sports including weaving, Irish dancing, cyclocross and running. One Beaver’s hobby was baking and she even brought in some cupcakes for the other Beavers to try.
Well done to everyone who brought something in!

Cubs Jamboree in a bag

Bella Vista
Bella Vista Cubs welcomed members from the 2019 World Scout Jamboree contingent.  They told us all about the journey so far and some of their fundraising efforts.  We learnt about America and some of the experiences they will get to have whilst over there.
This week Alegre Cubs had an international theme and had some visitors from Penistone that are part of the UK Contingent that is heading out to the World Scout Jamboree in America in the Summer.
We learnt all about what a Jamboree is, the three host countries that are organising the event and played some fun games. Thanks to the team for organising a great evening for us.

Enigma troop forum and games night

Enigma Scouts enjoyed an evening of fun and games.  We even held a Troop forum and now have a lot of ideas to research for the upcoming year.  This now looks like to potentially be a very busy and exciting year.  Enigma would like to extend thanks to Richard North for stepping in this week and helping Mike run the evening.

Wibbles learn about the World Scout Jamboree

Wibbles Scouts learned all about the World Scout Jamboree 2019 where 2 members of the troop Isabella and Poppy along with Alison will be heading off in the summer.
Scouts played some games and looked at items that represented some of the nations involved in organising the Jamboree and heard about the types of activities that everyone will take part in.

Marbling around

Explorers got creative this week and took part in an old favourite activity of marble run. Some explorers took this task very seriously and used some great engineering skills to get fantastic results.

Snow joke

Whilst it only lasted a few hours, the Friday evening snow caused the usual challenges to Penistone and therefore we had to cancel both Millstones Beavers and Viernes Scouts.

And finally:

Ghanian appeal fully funded

We were delighted to learn that the desk appeal we supported with Ghana Outlook is now fully funded, and then some!

Enough money has been raised for the construction of the 200 desks plus a further 50. The extra 50 school desks will be sent to one of our schools built by Ghana Outlook and the Cheshire Fire Cadets in Gbantana where the school has now extra students. A massive thank you to each and every one of you. if your promised donation has not been paid it would be most helpful if you could do it asap. Once they have been made and delivered I will post further photos, but please have in mind its a slower pace in Ghana and distances in the bush can be difficult if not even possible in the wet seasons.” Richard Galliford, Ghana Outlook