Apologies for the late publication of Rewind this week. Those of us who can pull the content our ten sections provide into this format were all on the Alternative Monopoly Run, in London, with Scouts all weekend. If you’ve a blogging/writing background, or are interested in supporting the management of our web-site, please drop Rob an email.

Group (All sections)

Mother’s Day tea

A reminder that our jamboree contingent will be hosting a Mother’s Day afternoon tea on Saturday 30th March. Please see the following page to see the full event details and to begin booking your place.

Penistone Gala Weekend

Alongside the Round Table and Ladies Circle, with support from Penistone Town Council, our volunteers organise and run the Gala Weekend. The theme for 2019 is Fairy Tales. You can book tickets for many of the ticketed events via the dedicated web-site here, and see lots of details regarding the fantastic weekend of 7th to 9th June. This year, there’s Comedy in a tent, Jack and Paul’s Fun Run, Penistone Rocks, Mayor’s Parade, the Gala. We will, of course, need your support to make this a successful weekend. We’ll be sharing details soon. Thank you in advance.

Back in the here and now, let’s take a look at the coming week:

The week ahead (18th March 2019 onwards)


Section meetings

Castors – will start on their disability awareness badge, and on the Friday we will join with the other colonies to attend the Night in a Museum. We trust the beavers are looking forward to it as much as the leaders.

Boomers – It is the turn of our Wednesday Beavers to go Zorbing. This will be at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre between 18:00 to 19:30. The cost is £3 on the evening (in cash please). We are also attending the Night in a Museum

Millstones – no meeting this week; it’s the Night at the Museum sleepover for those booked on.

Future Beaver events

Space camp – For a copy of the letter, have a look here on the dedicated event page.  Deposits need to be paid, please – details within the letter.


Section meetings

Bella Vista & Alegre – have a drumming workshop at the Scout Hut. Bella Vista have an extended meeting time of 18:30 to 20:30.

Raptors – please look out for an email relating to this week’s plans.

Future Cub events

None to highlight at this time


Section meetings

Enigma – will be working on their map reading skills; this is what we would have been doing had we met last week.

Wibbles/Viernes – This week are expecting to perform practical map skills; please look out for an email with the final details in the coming days.

Future Scout events

Alton Towers – deposits are now overdue; if you haven’t already paid, please arrange payment by bank transfer today, to Engima Scouts, as per the event letter – the group have paid the provider.

Baggerwood expedition challenge weekend – Bookings are now closed, and payments for this are now due, please. Bank transfer really helps with admin; see the event letter for details.

Air Haus – as an end of term treat, all three Scout troops will be going to Air Haus (near Meadowhall) to take part in the Total Wipeout, Giant slide, inflatables and Ninja Warrior style course. This will be on Friday 12th April (19:00 to 20:00) when we have exclusive use of the venue.


Section meetings

Please look out for an email with details later in the week.

Future Explorer events

Alton Towers – deposits are now overdue; if you haven’t already paid, please arrange payment by bank transfer today, to Engima Scouts, as per the event letter – the group have paid the provider.
With the reminders out-of-the-way, let’s recap the week.

This week:


Bella Vista cubs completed their Scientist badges. We began an experiment to continue at home on the effects of water and sunlight in growing plants. Made compasses from bottle tops and needles and also looked at the density of liquids.


15 beavers from Castors enjoyed their time Zorbing at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre; they had a great time. Some were a little apprehensive at first but all wanted another go. Thank you to the team at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre for looking after us.

Disability awareness

Beavers from our Boomer and Millstone colonies spent their section meetings learning about people who have varying disabilities and how they manage/adapt common life challenges to have a normal life.

Monopoly Run

12 young people and 4 leaders descended upon London this past weekend to take part in the Alternative Monopoly Run. It was a busy and fun filled weekend, with up to 33,000 steps (circa 16 miles) being walked on the Saturday. On Sunday, we spent a little time visiting the Natural History and Science Museums. We will have a dedicated post sharing photos and the young people’s experiences in the coming week.

Wibbles Sleepover

Scouts from our Wednesday toop headed off to Huddersfield on the train followed by a brisk walk to the leisure centre to try out the Dare to Air inflatable park. A lot of sweaty bouncing followed by another soaking from the rain and a trip to stock up on supplies before heading back home to plan and shop for tea.Tesco shopping was an experience with 15 scouts and they have since regretted their choice of burger and chips as tea arrived in a fashion at 9 pm!

And finally:


During our maintenance days, we have decluttered and thrown away items the group has no longer required. We’ve been very conscious about not disposing of things that could be used by someone else. As part of this, we were delighted to be able to give the old Penistone Scout Group football kit to “Sarah’s Goal” a local charity, in the memory of Sarah Hanson Powell, focused on assisting children and teenagers whose parents/carers struggle financially to play football.