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Penistone Gala and Mayor’s Parade

In just under a month we’ll see the annual Penistone Gala and Mayor’s Parade weekend. We have a number of areas that we need support from both the young people and their parents/guardians/grandparents. We recently posted here, on our website, with details of what we need support with. This forms both baking cakes/buns ahead of the event and then typically two-hour blocks of time in-person over the weekend. Scouts and Explorers will have received an Online Scout Manager invitation earlier today (Sunday) for their component, and adults can let us know via an online form here how they can please support us. Thank you!

Jamboree Quiz night

Our World Scout Jamboree contingent members will be hosting a Quiz Night at the Scout Hut on the 18th May. It’s open to families, friends and everyone – scouting or otherwise. For full details, please see the event poster or dedicated page here.

Back in the here and now, let’s take a look at the coming week:

The week ahead (13th May 2019 onwards)


Section meetings

All colonies will be making bug hotels! Normal times at your young person’s normal meeting place, please.

Future Beaver events

None to highlight at this time.


Section meetings

Bella Vista and Alegre Cubs will be meeting at the hut and looking at mental health, what it means, how we can help one another as well as ourselves. It is also donut week so may be a sweet treat or two thrown in to the mix

Raptors – will also be looking at mental health, what it means, how we can help one another as well as ourselves. There is a possibility they may also be cooking on fires, so please send your Cub with a coat.

Future Cub events

None to highlight at this time


Section meetings

Enigma – will be visiting the Games Workshop store in Sheffield to take part in an exciting new partnership between the Scout Association and the Warhammer Alliance. This will be to undertake our builder badges. There are a couple of spaces left, please text Shauna direct to secure one of these. The dedicated calendar entry can be found here. Please remember that as we struggling with adult leaders at the moment, if your scout attended last week, or hasn’t booked on for this week, then they will be on a week off.

Wibbles – hope to catch up with the geocaching previously planned (rained off last week). Please plan to be outdoors unless otherwise advised.

Viernes – will meet at our normal times at the Scout hut. Any specific needs will be sent out later this week.

Future Scout events

None to highlight at this time


Section meetings

Explorers was cancelled last week due to leader availability and although this is still prevalent we are aiming to be outdoors this week. All Explorers will be notified of where to meet. With the reduced adult headcount, we urgently need regular (or even irregular) adult volunteers to please support this fantastic youth section. If this is something you could support, please get in touch.

Future Explorer events

None to highlight at this time
With the reminders out-of-the-way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Centrepoint sleepout

Last Friday, Scouts and Explorers slept rough to raise monies and awareness for the youth homeless charity, Centrepoint. We are incredibly proud of the young people, and of the monies raised. At the time of writing, we’ve raised £1243.50 (plus Gift Aid). We did a full write up about the event, including many of the inspirational messages our young people wrote to other young people typically arriving at a Centrepoint hostel. To read and see more, visit the dedicated page here.

Space Camp

Beavers from all three colonies had an out of this world camp at Silverwood this past weekend. The rain may have poured down for a few hours on the Saturday, but the Beavers got stuck into the activities and had a fabulous time. From building their own space outfits, to learning about the moon landings, with backpacks and space cookies, it was a great opportunity for so many to enjoy.

Firelighting and s’mores

Millstones and Castors met at the Scout Hut, and learned how to build and light fires. Once the fires were ready, Beavers toasted marshmellows and made s’mores from them.

Local walk

Alegre Cubs braved the weather and went for a local walk.

Games at Waterhall Park

Bella Vista cubs took a trip over to Waterhall Park and between games of Zombie infection and capture the flag we litterpicked the entire park.

Model Maker @ Games Workshop

Some of Enigma Scouts met at the Games Workshop in Sheffield to begin work on their Model Maker badges. This is a great partnership between UK Scouting and the Warhammer Alliance. For more detail on this, you can see a dedicated post we published here.

Scouting fundamentals

Cubs from our Raptor pack boosted their knowledge of Scouting fundamentals, and started to explore some of the aspects of the Nature badge. Thanks to Iain for helping out this week whilst Akela and Claire were away.

Tent practice

Ahead of Space Camp, Beavers from our Boomer colony spent their meeting learning how to pitch tents; skills that they got to use for real come the weekend.