The week ahead (3rd February onwards):


Castors will be completing the international badge as well as the unfinished activities/badges from the previous few weeks – a mish-mash of fun!

Boomers are planning to have a pet night.

Millstones will be meeting as normal and you’ll get an email if there’s anything you need to know beforehand.

Future Beaver events

No details at this time.


Alegre after having to cancel before Christmas, we will be walking to Cubley Hall for a chip supper. Would parents and carers please check the email sent.

Bella Vista will be meeting as normal this week.

Raptors are back to meeting Thursday this week. We’re taking a great opportunity to visit ‘Think Forensics’ in Skelmanthorpe. Akela will send an email with all the details, postcode, map etc. This will take place from 6.30 to 8.30 pm and parents are welcome to stay. The cost will be £7.50 per child. You can pay on the night to Baloo (Iain) or by bank transfer.

Future Cub events

No details at this time.


Enigma will be competing in teams to create the best three-course meal for a panel of judges. Each team will have access to just one two-burner gas stove and a small grill. The scouts will be bringing all their own ingredients and equipment to create their culinary masterpieces! Please remind your scout to come prepared with everything they need.

Wibbles will be testing our learning knot of the month. We’ll also be starting a new activity – badge of the month – so will be finding out all about that too.

Viernes will be meeting as normal and you’ll get an email if there’s anything you need to know beforehand.

Future Scout events

To be confirmed.


This week Scorpion Explorers will be meeting as usual, unless otherwise contacted.

Future Explorer events

To be confirmed.



Castors, Boomers and Millstones have been working on badges.

For their international badge, Castors have looked at flags from around the world and copied some. We also ate food from around the world – olives, chorizo and ‘bunny chow’. Louis from South Africa taught us some Afrikaans and Sotho, including how to say ‘thank you’, ‘buy a donkey’, ‘please’ (asseblief) and ‘thank you’ (totsiens). We also learnt that you can ride ostriches and to watch out for yster varks (‘iron pigs’) which are porcupines! Finally, we found out that if you are attacked by an ostrich you should lie face down, protect your neck and play dead until it gets bored and goes away – which was a surprise for parents finding their beavers practising this at pickup time. Welcome and thank you very much to our new adult helpers this week.

Boomers and Millstones also worked on their communicator badge. We learnt lots, including deciphering morse code and how to make phone calls and send emails. Lots of badges were given out. Well done everyone!


Bella Vista had a fun evening learning how to light a fire. Well done to the cubs who came along with their own flint and steels this evening without being asked to. Glad to see that the knowledge learnt in Beavers is still retained. Once we had successfully lit the fires, while the flames settled down we peeled and diced our own potatoes and proceeded to make cowboy dinners, which everyone ate and enjoyed!

Alegre worked on the Home Safety badge and learnt about what to do in case of a gas or water leak and also how harmful carbon monoxide can be and that you can’t see or smell it. We also talked about how to make our homes safe when we go on holiday. We then went to the kitchen to spot all the hazards that had been created and had how dangerous it is to leave a tea towel near a hob and not put a sweeping brush away.

Raptors joined Wibbles this week at Penistone pantomime. Spoiler alert – Peter Pan beat Captain Hook! All behaved impeccably as usual.


Enigma have worked really hard in groups this week, preparing for next week’s Master Chef competition. Each group of three scouts worked up a full three-course menu and agreed which team members will prepare and cook each course. The scouts then presented their menus to the other teams and the leader team.

Wibbles supported the local pantomime on Wednesday and everyone enjoyed the show. Thank you to all of the extra adults and siblings who came along too.


Scorpion Explorers

Explorers had a recap of first-aid training this week as expedition season is fast approaching. They also had a visit from some potential new leaders: previous explorer Mikael, as well as Pippa and Alex who are new to Penistone. It was good to welcome them to the group.

That’s all the updates for now – enjoy your week.