Kettleness Scout and Explorer camp

Brief reminder that if any Scouts or Explorers wish to book on to the Kettleness camp, please respond to the OSM invitation and pay your deposit before all of the places go.

Community events

We will soon be sending out invitations to our registered adult volunteers about lots of community events e.g. Penistone Gala, Armed Forces Day, Penistone Show, VE Day, Tour de Yorkshire etc. We will need your support to be able to manage and run our involvement in these events. As always, we’ll be breaking support into chunks so no-one ends up having to spend their entire day on their feet volunteering. If you aren’t registered with the group as an adult volunteer and would like to support any initiatives, please email [email protected]

It’s half-term this week so there won’t be meetings for any section. Look out for a Fast Forward post next weekend with reminders for plans after the holiday. Meanwhile…

Here’s a taste of what we did last week:


Castors and Millstones had a visit from Nigel, Rowan’s dad, and his many pets – red-foot tortoise, chicken, tree frog, gecko and a hawk. It was great fun meeting them and learning about them. The beavers asked lots of interesting questions. A big thank you to Nigel for giving his time to bring them all along!

Boomers have been working on reef knots and teamwork skills. They put it all together last week with a first-aid session, tying a reef knot on a sling. There were some very patient patients!


Bella Vista enjoyed a fab night of timed Guiness World Record challenges. These included number of balls caught in 1 min blindfolded; highest stack of paper cups or dice; fastest time to arrange the alphabet; furthest to blow a marble; longest time to hula hoop; and most rice moved in 5 min using lolly sticks. Lots of concentration was required!

Alegre visited Castle Gaming, a local business in Stocksbridge. All enjoyed painting miniature models, showing excellent concentration. Everyone had a great evening!

Raptors had great fun making thank you/Valentine gifts and writing ‘thank you’ cards. All the new cubs were invested and everyone enjoyed playing Raptor Relay.


Enigma completed elements of their community badge. They started by drawing round one of their team members on paper to create the outline of an imaginary person. The scouts then filled in the outline, giving the characters personalities, backgrounds and problems. Together, they discussed how different mental health conditions might manifest themselves in each of these characters. They talked about the various conditions, how they might be brought about and how they might feel , and discussed effective ways to manage good mental health. Each scout then made a stress reducer from water, food colouring and glitter. Thanks to Niki and Katie for planning and running the evening. Great job guys!

Wibbles planned menus for their Chef badge and also enjoyed chocolate fondue delights. They had a special patrol task of creating the best fruit kebab in miniature. This was judged by Emmie, who we hope will join us on a regular basis from now on.

Viernes played a game devised by their young leaders and learnt about knife and hatchet care. The scouts were shown a variety of knives/hatchets and learnt why we use different knives for different jobs and the importance of keeping blades sharp and oiled at all times. Then they were given the task of planning and designing their own knife handle, stick topper or woggle made from wood, which they’ll start to make after the holiday.


Scorpion Explorers got creative and turned 2D maps into 3D models. The idea was to recreate contours on a map and make them come alive. Visualisation practice is always good before going out hiking – you can turn the map into real life and take in the surroundings.

Volunteering and Fundraising:

Plans are coming together for this year’s superhero-themed Penistone Gala. Many of our members will also be involved in Jack & Paul’s Fun Run on Saturday 13th June.

If you’re involved with Penistone Scouts and there’s an event that you’d like to tell us about, please email [email protected]

Have a good break. See you after half-term.