The week ahead (2nd March onwards):


CastorsBoomers and Millstones will be meeting on their usual nights.

They plan to be outdoors by the beaver lodge (weather permitting), cooking s’mores – as requested by the beavers. Stand by for a sugar rush …


Alegre will begin work on the International Badge and have plans to make something very special …

Bella Vista will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if there’s anything you need to know beforehand.

Raptors will be continuing the World Book Day celebrations by inviting the cubs to come in any fancy dress they may have worn at school. They’ll be discussing their favourite books, characters and authors.


Enigma will be starting their Skills Challenge Badge. Please make sure your scout has remembered to practise loading a washing machine themselves, putting in the detergent and selecting the correct cycle, etc. so that they can tell the troop what they did and why. Thank you.

Wibbles will be working on their Model Maker Badge and trying out painting Warhammer models.

Viernes will be meeting as usual. We’ll let you know if there’s any changes.


Scorpions are at the golf driving range this week, practising their swing!


Group members, families and friends enjoyed watching the Steelers match last weekend at Sheffield Arena. An added bonus was that the Steelers won!


Last week all three colonies met South Yorkshire Police, who brought a police car and riot van down to the scout headquarters. The beavers were able to go into the vehicles, take their own fingerprints, use radios, get arrested and ask lots of questions! A huge thanks to everyone involved for giving up their valuable time to make this happen.


Bella Vista and Alegre celebrated Pancake Day, making pancakes on the kitchen stove with some very successful flipping to turn them over. All the toppings went down well, from the healthy fresh orange to the chocolate spread. The cubs also made chocolate cornflakes and krispies – we’ve never seen so much stacked into bun cases!

Raptors looked forward – past the stormy weather – and prepared for spring. They had a ‘spring clean’ of their storage cupboards and then planted peas and sunflower seeds, to be cared for indoors until the frost passes.


Enigma set up the gas stoves and made/cooked/ate their own pancakes. Some with great success and some slightly less so, but all had fun and learnt something. After everything was washed up and packed away, they finished off with a game of dodgeball.

Wibbles visited Swegway Park – and all had a great time.

Viernes spent the evening wood carving. Even the young leaders joined in. We will be taking time out during the coming weeks to finish our pieces off.


Scorpions tried pancake art and enjoyed mixed results!

That’s all for now. Have a good week…