The week ahead (9th March onwards):


Castors will be going for a walk around Royd Moor Reservoir on their usual meeting night – weather permitting. An email will be coming out with drop-off location and times.

Boomers and Millstones will be meeting at the scout hut and making some Easter buns


Bella Vista’s meeting this week will be led by Mark – usual time and place.

Alegre will be completing the masterpiece they started last week and also learning and talking about each part of the badge and what’s good about being part of a global movement of cub scouts.

Raptors we plan to be in the school doing emergency first aid with Akela and the Raptor team.


Enigma will be looking at disability awareness. They’ll be exploring topics around this subject through discussion and games.

Wibbles will be finishing off their Warhammer figures over the next few weeks, alongside showcasing hobbies and other interests.

Viernes will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if there’s anything you need to know beforehand.


Scorpions are going to be trying out expedition cooking ideas.



Last week all three colonies were outside the scout hut, lighting fires with a flint and steel and cooking s’mores. Everyone went home full of sweet stuff and smelling of wood smoke.


Alegre – After a fun game of dodgeball Alegre worked towards the international badge. Working in four teams each worked on creating a quarter of the World Scout Badge from balls of tissue paper and white paper straws.

Bella Vista enjoyed learning about online safety last week. This is going towards a badge sponsored by Nominet about building friendships and living healthily. The cubs completed a piece of artwork, learning about themselves and sharing this with their friends and the leaders. Everyone then discussed how much of this information should be shared online. The young leaders ran an energetic game of hockey and Christopher was invested. Welcome to Bella Vista, Christopher!

Raptors had an amazing night at the Penistone library. A massive thank you for stopping open later for us. The Cubs finished most of their book reader badge. We had a combination of world book day outfits and onesies…  It turns out we have some real bookworms in raptors and were pleased to welcome Heidi from our waiting list on her 9th Birthday and celebrated Young Leader, Will’s 17th Birthday!


Enigma worked on elements of their Skills Challenge Badge last week. Each scout learnt to sew on a button and use an iron. They also learnt about the insides of a plug, how to wire it, and how to fit a lightbulb. After that, they reviewed progress on their Personal Challenge Badge and then played a new ‘barrels game’. Before lowering the flag, they invested their newest recruit, Archie!

Wibbles tried out their painting skills with Warhammer figures.

Viernes invested 8 scouts, played the line game and finished working on our wood carvings! Great night for all.


Scorpions went to the golf driving range and managed to work their way through more than 1,500 golf balls! All had a great time, with some keen explorers showing excellent skills.

Have a great week!