We’re following official guidance for managing the risk of Coronavirus. At the time of writing, our weekly section meetings are continuing. The group leadership team are monitoring the situation in our local area and will make appropriate decisions relating to Scout activities accordingly. Please check the Coronavirus information and advice page on our website regularly for the latest on Penistone Scouts’ arrangements: https://penistonescouts.uk/coronavirus

The week ahead (16th March onwards):


Castors, Boomers and Millstones plan to be at the scout hut on their usual nights. They’ll be working on Mothers’ Day crafts – all a big surprise, obviously!


Bella Vista will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if anything changes.

Alegre will be making gifts for Mothers’ Day and investing new cubs.

Raptors will be in school as usual for work on Air Activity badges.


Enigma will be looking at the Digital Citizenship badge. They’ll also be working on Navigator Level 3 – planning routes in teams of three or four, ready for an unsupported 5 km night hike in a couple of weeks’ time.

Wibbles and Viernes will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if anything changes.


Scorpions will be meeting as usual. You’ll get an email if anything changes.



Boomers and Millstones made Easter treats and designed eggs last week. Sticky fingers and happy faces all round!

Castors moved their meeting back to the hut last week but got a window of dry weather so were able to go and explore Water Royd Park in the dark. Lodges had to work together to map the distances to landmarks in the park, navigating by following verbal directions. The best bit was the final recce, done with no torches. This allowed everyone to appreciate how much could be seen without them, and how important saving your night vision is.


Alegre continued working towards their International Badge. They took great interest in learning about the different parts of the world scout emblem and how those relate to us being part of the worldwide scouting family. Everyone then went outside to search for natural materials to make the world scout emblem. And what a fantastic effort it was, with a slimy slug for a finishing touch. The evening ended with the handing out of badges – well done to all Alegre cubs!

Bella Vista built edible rafts from breadsticks and strawberry laces.

This week the Raptor leaders were extremely proud of their cubs. They all managed to demonstrate their caring skills and achieved their Stage 2 Emergency Aid badges. Sadly they were a leader down so no opportunities for photos to share this time.


Enigma worked on the Gender and Disability component of the Skills Challenge Badge last week. The scouts started off by talking about different types of mental and physical disabilities. Then they worked through a number of exercises designed to illustrate the challenges that people with mental or physical disabilities can face. This highlighted difficulties with many of the things we take for granted every day. A very serious subject but explored in a fun way, culminating in a blindfold trust team game with flour and paper plates.

Wibbles did well this week, finishing off their Warhammer models and showcasing personal hobbies.

Viernes met as usual. It was the final week of their wood carvings. Great work and some talented craftspeople amongst the troop.


Scorpions practised their expedition cooking skills and menu choices. Well done to everyone.