I know we live in a great community. That said, it was fantastic to be reassured how brilliant a community Penistone is both before and after our adult volunteer recruitment evening on Monday 20th.

Ahead of the meeting, we were delighted to receive messages of support: from those well-wishing to people who knew that they couldn’t make Monday’s meeting wanting to catch-up soon and confirmations of attendance.

Thanks to Penistone Grammar School and Paul Crook, we had a fantastic venue for our evening meeting. The lecture hall meant we were able to comfortably talk about our volunteer challenge. We could share how people can help and demonstrated how volunteers would be supported/nurtured as part of a brilliant team. Even at the end of the meeting, people stopped on and spoke passionately about young people and how they wanted to support the group.

This is hugely positive news and will undoubtedly make a difference to both the young people’s lives and the existing adult volunteers. We are delighted to share that approximately ten people gave a verbal commitment to different roles on Monday evening, with others pledging ad hoc support on an occasional but regular basis. This is exactly the kind of response we needed but should stress that our recruitment continues. As we shared on the evening, every volunteer journey is different – sometimes we can give more, sometimes we can give less; we acknowledged that alongside spare-time, the things we’d like to do in our volunteering time can change too. Whether someone can give 2-3 hours a couple of times a month, to another who can commit to several weekends a year and most weeks of the year (plus somewhere in between) the collective contribution is what helps us succeed.

If you attended the meeting, decided you want to volunteer and then either misplaced an Adult Information Form or didn’t get one, an editable version can be found here. Once completed, please send it to [email protected]

Thank you, everyone, who has been in touch, as I mentioned earlier, we are always looking for support and if you’re interested in being part of our wonderful team, please do get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01226 610350

Online: By filling out our handy form.

Thank you again to the leader team and parents who came along and either spoke during the presentation or were so wonderfully engaging those attending. Your support is massively appreciated.

Rob Robinson
Group Scout Leader