Dear Parents/Guardians,

We recently sent you all details of Scouttastic, including several forms that need to be printed and completed for this camp.

If you are missing the forms, you can download new copies from the following link.

The organisers of Scouttastic are the people who ultimately need the forms we’ve asked you to provide.

We will hand these in at Hesley Wood in one go. Once we’ve collated and handed them in, we will be issued with activity wrist bands.

Activities start shortly after arrival. Without a wristband, our young people won’t be able to get stuck into the activities.

So that we aren’t left waiting for everyone to arrive and hand in their paperwork on the day, you need to hand all completed forms directly to Amy on Thursday 5th July, at the Scout Hut. between 17:30 and 19:00.

This time, is also when we need you to bring your child’s packed kit bag so that we can transport it to Hesley Wood collectively.

When you drop off your child’s bag at the Scout Hut, we will appropriately tag and store it for you.

As a reminder, when you collect your child (specifically between 15:45 and 16:00 on the Sunday) you’ll take your child’s belongings with you then.

You must not arrive earlier or later on the Sunday – this is a specific County set time to mitigate against gridlock in the area.

A final reminder that we please need:
– additional help to pack the camping equipment at 18:00, Thursday 5th (Scout Hut)
– help putting tents up from 19:30, Thursday 5th (at Hesley Wood)

If you can assist us with these, please let Sam or Amy know.

0744 502 1602
[email protected]

0793 206 0725
[email protected]

Sam and Amy are your contacts for the camp. If you need to speak with a leader, regardless of your normal section, you must call them and not another individual please.

Thank you, and here’s to a fantastic event. It’s going to be incredible. We’ll be joining approximatly 1,400 young people!



PS Please follow the event Facebook and Twitter pages for updates