How many times have you lost the paper letters little Johnny or Jeanette brought home?

Have you seen an event pop up on Facebook, Twitter or even the group website and not had the chance to deal with it there and then, but then struggle to find it amongst your news feed and other digital clutter?

Had an email about an event, but now you can’t place where it is?

Would you like it if you had a simple way to see events, camps, day trips etc in a condensed but content-rich format? (e.g. where, when, how much, copies of letters, consent forms, details of the organiser and so on)

How about if you could synchronise that information to your own diary in a non-intrusive manner so that whenever/wherever you could access it quickly?

You’re in luck! We held an information evening at the Scout Hut last night for Beaver parents and many were surprised to know this facility is already available.

This video will take you through some of the useful features of the group calendar – it is the first in a series of short videos which aim to raise awareness of key features provided on our group’s primary communications platform – the website!

How to use the group calendar (Penistone Scout Group)

Our group calendar is part of our website. This video will take you through some of the useful features so that, as a parent/guardian, you can easily access key event information including synchronisation to your own devices and what key details are available.

If you are reading this message in your email, you will need to please visit the website in order to see the embedded short video. Here’s a handy link to the article.