We accidentally missed a couple of items from the recap section of yesterday’s Rewind. My apologies for that!

For the original Rewind post including this week’s reminders, please see here. For the missing content regarding Scoutadelic and Raptors, please see below.

Penistone Beavers featured on Scoutadelic

Scoutadelic is a monthly video programme that features a guest co-presenter. Back in November Castors Colony were asked to record some video questions that would then be cut into the 60 second Q&A with the guest presenter. A dozen or so of our beavers had a go, knowing they would select the ones they were going to use. These questions and the responses are now available as part of the December edition – Episode 36 (very near the start) and can be seen at 1 minute 4 seconds.

We’ve set the video link to start just before our Beavers were featured. Of course, feel free to watch the whole show!

SCOUTADELIC | Episode XXXVI – HomeScoutz

Scouting can happen where ever you want it to be, so how difficult is it to do Scouting in an inner city? We visit Newcastle and learn how to do pioneering with wooden spoons. All that and more on Scoutadelic’s Episode #36 Support our show and be a Patreon, getting exclusive content: https://www.patreon.com/scoutadelic Want more #Scoutadelic?

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Raptors go all “Christmessy”

The Raptors played team games and then got messy this week. Hopefully, they should have brought a very colourful glittery bauble for your own Christmas decorations.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Carol Service on Monday 3rd December from 18:15 hrs. This is an annual event, and we look forward to seeing as many of the Raptors as possible, please. Don’t forget to wear your full uniform compliment it with Christmas attire.

Featured image credit: Ben Terrett (Flickr - Creative Commons)