Welcome back!

The summer holidays are over almost over, with quite a few schools having inset days Monday and possibly Tuesday too. We hope you’ve all had an amazing summer; we’re looking forward to welcoming the young people back to our autumn term of scouting!

Back in the here and now, let’s take a look at the coming week:

The week ahead (3rd September 2018 onwards)

  • All beavers need to please attend in their uniform but also wear a t-shirt underneath that they can keep on that you don’t mind potentially getting paint and or PVA glue on. Colony meetings will be at their usual start/end times and at the normal locations.
  • All packs will be welcoming new cubs, taking part in team building games, hosting pack forums and having some refreshers on formal routines. (Normal locations/times).
  • Enigma troop are not meeting this week. We will be back on Monday 10th September.
  • Wibbles troop will be appointing new Patrol Leaders given that several Wednesday Scouts will have moved up to Explorers. We will be having lots of team challenges to promote working together.
  • Viernes will be doing their First Aid Level 3 badgework and pioneering.
  • Explorers have a new leader-team starting this week: Paul, Tracy, Nigel. Johnny and Sharon providing a full programme with Alison supporting the D of E and Young Leader training.
Young Leaders
  • Individual emails are being sent this week. Please contact Alison if there are any issues with places.
  • Explorers wanting a Young Leader place will be contacted directly as any arise.

Other news:

Wednesday Scout Leaders – Josh has been successful in securing a place in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer Officer and therefore will only be with the troop for a short time.

Duke of Edinburgh Award – The final two teams of the year were out this weekend on their qualifying expedition. All participants this year have done really well and have been a credit to themselves and scouting.

Explorer camp – The leader team are exploring the possibility of an Explorer camp for later in the year; stay tuned.

APEX challenge  –  Any explorers wishing to enter a team in this year’s APEX challenge should please speak to Alison.

Group Camp  –  For all of those who have booked places on group camp (bookings are now closed) and have not yet paid, monies need to be paid by the end of this week, please. A separate targeted email will be sent to all attendees by Sam in the next week.

Parent rota – To support the young people, we will be reintroducing the parent rota for some of our sections. It will take effect from the week of the 10th September.

Engima Scouts (10th September) – We need some leader support on Monday 10th, please. Not all of the regular team are able to attend and therefore a couple of leaders from other sections would be welcomed for the evening.

Group AGM – Our group AGM will be held on Monday 24th September in the Beaver Lodge of the Scout Hut.