Reminders & key information:

This edition’s reminders:


Castors are meeting at the Scout Hut for a games night.

Boomers are going to Baggerwoods. The beavers will need to bring with them a drink and pens please. Details in the following dedicated event page.

Millstones will be meeting at Bower Dell at Oxspring (where the Oxspring Duck race is held) to float their boats.


All of our cub packs will be meeting at Penistone Cricket Club on Thursday this week for our annual Cub Sports Day. Full details have already been emailed; a recap can be found within the following dedicated event page.


Enigma  – the meeting was cancelled this week; the Black Country information evening took precedence. Next Monday’s meeting has been moved to the Friday (20th) when we’ll be at Hesley Wood with Viernes for a BBQ and games. Please respond via MyScout by Tuesday 17th so that we can cater appropriately.

Wibbles – are meeting at Hesley Wood for raft building and canoeing. Please book on via the MyScout system ASAP. Note this will be on Thursday and not our usual Wednesday slot.

Viernes – will be completing their hobbies badge. Scouts need to please attend with examples of their hobby and be ready to talk about it in small groups (with one of the leaders). Those who have already completed this badge will be helping with some quarter master work, in preparation for Summer Camp.

Black Country (Summer Camp) – We held an information evening on Monday 9th July. Many thanks to all who attended. Those that couldn’t make it, please urgently work with Amy to arrange a time and date when she can take you through the briefing and get you, and your young person, to complete/sign the paperwork pre-event. Amy has printed copies for completion given that several of the places we will be visiting require independent consent forms; therefore, in this instance, we haven’t uploaded them to the website.


The explorers will be having a BBQ; we’re looking forward to welcoming back many of our numbers now that exam season is out-of-the-way. Next week will be our rescheduled trip to Laser Tag in Adventure Woods (Tankersley). Please book on via the MyScout system ASAP.


Group Camp (September) – Parents/Guardians should have received an emailed invitation to our Group Camp to Woolley Edge. So that we can effectively plan (against known numbers and therefore budget) we need confirmation for this event by the end of this term (i.e. the 20th July). Confirmations should be made in response to the MyScout invitations emailed, please. Our apologies that not all sections got this at the same time and we are a little late telling some of you about it; we’d a lot of focus on both Scouttastic and Summer Camp.

Thurlstone Gala

Raptors and Millstones  will be running a cake stand and tombola at this year’s Thurlstone Gala. We need your prize and cake donations this week, please. For full details about this, and how to make your donations, please refer to the following post.

With the reminders out of the way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Nature Trail hike

The Raptors pack used the hot and dry conditions to be out of the school again and did a nature trail hike from the school to the Royd Moor viewing point, completing two of the badge elements of the Local Knowledge badge.



Boomers and Castors sailed the boats they’d built the previous week at Oxspring. Please see the following dedicated post with pictures / video.

“Adventurous Activities”

Enigma scouts had an extended meeting this week at Hesley Wood. The scouts tried their hands at archery, climbing and crate stacking. Please see the dedicated post here for pictures.


A MASSIVE thank you to the parents who volunteered their time over the weekend to help make Scouttastic a successful camp for the weekend. We had extra help transporting kit, setting up/packing up, helping with the groups of kids and on the catering front to make sure everyone was kept fuelled up! The extra help made a huge difference and we would have struggled without it.

The kids had a fabulous weekend. We’ll have a dedicated post with collated photographs out later in the week.

Sorry – haven’t got a photo!

Also this week, but we were so excited we didn’t get a photograph to share:

  • Bella Vista celebrated American Independence Day and had hot dogs
  • Explorers worked on their map reading skills
  • Wibbles held a games night
  • Millstones built boats in preparation for this week’s maiden voyages