Reminders & key information:

This edition’s reminders:


All three colonies are meeting at Silverwood Scout Campsite for our annual end of term summer water fight. Full details can be found in the following dedicated event post.


Raptors / Bella Vista and Alegre – I’m told that your programme is a shroud of mystery at the moment! Please look out for an email later in the week with full details.


Enigma & Viernes  –  Please meet on Friday (20th) at Hesley Wood for a BBQ and games. Please make sure you respond via MyScout by Tuesday 17th so that we can cater appropriately.

Wibbles – lookout for an email later in the week, please.


The explorers will be at Laser Tag in Adventure Woods (Tankersley). Please book on via the MyScout system ASAP.


Group Camp (September) – Parents/Guardians should have received an emailed invitation to our Group Camp at Woolley Edge. So that we can effectively plan (against known numbers and therefore budget) we need confirmation for this event by the end of this term (i.e. the 20th July). Confirmations should be made in response to the MyScout invitations emailed, please.


Leader Meeting – Monday 16th July at 19:30, there will be a leader meeting for all leaders at the Scout Hut. An agenda has already been circulated for this meeting. As a reminder, please either bring with you or attend in, your uniform. Headshots are being taken for our “who’s who” wall.

With the reminders out of the way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Thurlstone Gala

Raptors and Millstones were at Thurlstone Gala this weekend. Thank you, everyone, who came and supported us. We had a fantastic time.

Wibbles went rafting and canoeing

Scouts from our Wednesday troop went to Hesley Wood for the evening (Thursday) and tried their hands at raft building and canoeing. Please see the following dedicated post for our pictures.

Scorpion Duke of Edinburgh

Explorers from our Scorpion unit went out into the Peak District this weekend for their qualifying expedition. They’ve had a fantastic time, and we’ve some pictures you can see on the following dedicated post.

Millstones sailed their boats

Having built sailboats last week, our Friday Beaver’s floated them at Oxspring, making the most of the lovely weather and the river.

Baggerwoods nature walk

Wednesday beavers avoided the drama of the England game by heading out on a nature walk in Baggerwoods. They identified trees based on their leaves, and learned about deforestation and various aspects of woodland care.

Pioneering and team building

Tuesday beavers worked in small teams to replicate some pioneering demonstrated to them to test out their problem-solving skills to build a den. Along with teaching each other a variety of new games to develop leadership skills.

Sorry – haven’t got a photo!

Also this week, but we were so excited we didn’t get a photograph to share:

  • Thursday saw all three cub packs meeting at Penistone Cricket Club for the annual sports evening. 
  • Viernes completed their Hobbies badgework and tested some tents ready for summer camp.

And finally:

Scouttastic in pictures

We’ve collated our photographs from the County weekender at Scouttastic into one post. See the dedicated post here for them all.