Reminders & key information:

This edition’s reminders:


Castors –  Tuesday Beavers are not meeting this week. With two meetings last week there will not be a meeting this week, so our next will be on 16th October; when we will be meeting at the Scouts Hut at our normal time.

Boomers –  Wednesday Beavers are meeting on Thursday of this week at Quest Taekwondo.

Millstones –  Friday Beavers, please look out for an email with section plans later in the week.


Alegre – Tuesday cubs, please look out for an email with section plans later in the week.

Bella Vista  –  the cubs will be taking part in a Trading Post activity. It’s their chance to make a virtual fortune.

Raptors  –  are hoping to be at Cycle Penistone this week; however, this will be confirmed via email before Thursday.


Enigma – No meeting this week; we met on Friday of last week instead.

Wibbles – will be taking part in their rescheduled penny can challenge. Please make sure your scout brings with them two empty pop cans.

Viernes – will be working in patrols to complete some gaps in challenge badge work. Some people are incredibly close to signing off a number of challenge badges that collectively go towards the Gold Award!


We have a Canada themed evening! We can’t remember why we called it that, but Paul’s likely to have something interesting planned for it!


  • Uniform – If your young person needs a uniform, we need you to place orders via our website. You can find our web store right here. We take PayPal, or you can choose to pay cash on collection.
  • Working day – we are planning on hosting a working day at the scout hut later in the year. We will need adult help for this, we hope you’ll be able to give a few hours to support the group with some maintenance tasks. We’ll share details as soon as we’ve finalised the date.


  • The Jamboree team have arranged a Ceilidh for Saturday 13th October at Thurgoland village hall. It’s now SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone for your support. Have a fabulous time everyone who’s going.
  • We are having a textiles collection at October half term so please, if you’re having a sort out, we’ll love to be able to recycle your stuff; however, please don’t bring anything in just yet as we don’t have space to store it! Clean usable clothing and textiles including curtains, bags, belts, shoes, soft toys but please no pillows, cushions or duvets. Thank you!


Leader meeting – We have a leader meeting at the Scout Hut on Monday 8th October at 20:00 hrs.

First Aid training – Just a reminder that we have some spaces remaining on the adult first aid training course (4th Nov). For details of how to book a place, please see the dedicated event here.

With the reminders out-of-the-way, let’s recap the week.

This week:

Bear Grylls asked for your help

Chris Evans spoke with our Chief Scout Bear Grylls regarding adult opportunities in Scouting. We shared a post on our website that you can use to listen again here. (Thanks for the comments suggesting Rob looks like Chris Evans in a baseball cap! He’s not quite that old!)

Police visit Engima Scouts

South Yorkshire Police came to visit our Monday Scouts for a fantastic evening of drugs awareness. Thank you so much for coming down to see us.

Rugby taster sessions

All three beaver colonies, plus Engima and Viernes scouts went to Wortley RUFC for taster sessions. Many thanks for welcoming our young people regularly.

Alegre trading post

Cubs from our Tuesday cub pack traded their way from a small amount of virtual cash to some serious wonga. They achieved this by buying materials, creating things with those materials (from a list) and then selling or trading those items back for more valuable products.

Castors @ Quest Taekwondo

Our Tuesday Beavers also met on Thursday of this week! They had a lovely time with coach Mike McKenzie. After gathering together the Beavers took off their shoes and socks and Mike took them through warm-up sequences to get them ready for some Kata’s, and then they got a chance to practice their kicking against the kicking pads one on one with the coach. It was clear some of the beavers had some prior experience, including Martha, the youth leader helping out on the evening! Mike is very busy over the coming month arranging and judging at competitions in Sheffield and Manchester. And will be in Poland soon after having just returned from Europe.  Many thanks to Mike for your time!

Sorry we didn’t get a picture

Lots of other activities took place this week, but we didn’t necessarily get a photo:
  • Explorers went to the park to play wide games as planned and had a great turn out with 40 explorers taking part
  • Wibbles altered their plans (deferred penny cans to this coming week). Instead, we played many games of capture the flag in the dark which everyone enjoyed
  • Raptors took a hike round Thurstone making use of their navigation skills
And finally:
A big thank you to members of the Falcon Active Support Unit for packing away most of the tents we’d had to leave drying in the scout hut following Group Camp. Much appreciated – it made a big difference to sections being able to focus on their regular meetings.